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Join us for our 2nd inspirational, innovative and creative tech festival.


This year, we will take you to Wonderland 🎪! A place where you can learn, enjoy and party together with our agencies and a great speaker line up!


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Keynote: Superhuman Era

Peter Joosten (Biohacker | Speaker | Futurist)

What is the impact of biohacking? What if we can significantly upgrade our physical, cognitive and emotional capabilities? How will human life change in the coming 50 years? In this talk Peter Joosten will discuss the consequences of this Superhuman Era on mankind, society and ethics.



Peter Joosten is a biohacker and DIY-futurist. He investigates the impact of biohacking, human enhancement and transhumanism in his keynotes, articles and Youtube channel. He is a TEDx speaker and consultant at various companies and institutions. He gave talks at events like Biohacker Summit Stockholm (Sweden), University College London (United Kingdom), Darefest Antwerpen (Belgium) and KPN Telecom (the Netherlands).


This talk is in English

The Future of Commerce on Snap

Daan Jansonius (Commercial Strategist at Snap Inc.)

Snapchat is often seen as a young and playful platform. But did you know that some of the largest brands and fastest growing scale-ups are driving serious business on this incredibly engaging mobile platform? During this talk we'll show you how you can grow your brand on Snapchat.


This talk is in English

Personalization in digital

Milou Steenvoorden (Global Personalization Adidas)

How to be relevant and personal with consumers across their customer journey.



Milou is a sporty CRM guru from the south of The Netherlands. Kickboxing is her sport and she has a rock-hard right one. Den Bosch is her home base, but for Adidas she gladly travels to Amsterdam.


This talk is in English

Closing keynote

Marcel Molenaar (Country Manager LinkedIn Benelux)



Marcel Molenaar (1969) lives and works in Amsterdam. Initially his passion was in the hospitality industry, but after finishing his studies in this field, he started to doubt; what else is there? At the beginning of the nineties he decided to move to Nijmegen to study Communication Science with a master's degree in Marketing Communication. When he graduated in 1996, the new digital era began and he arrived at IBM in Amsterdam just in time to lay the foundations for a career in this field.After various positions at IBM Netherlands, Lycos International, HotSMS and MailMedia, he started at Linkedin Benelux in 2012 as Head of Marketing Solutions. In this position he is responsible for all advertising activities of LinkedIn Benelux and advises clients and agencies on their content strategy and available LinkedIn solutions in this area. In 2015 he will be appointed by the head office in Mountainview as Country Manager Benelux to oversee all activities of the LinkedIn office in Amsterdam. Marcel has almost 20 years of experience in the online marketing and media world and is a passionate speaker on digital developments and social media.


This talk is in Dutch

Personalization on F.I.R.E.!

Desiree van der Horst (CRO Lead Fingerspitz | Behavioural marketeer | Blogger & Speaker)

Starting with personalization is a challenge. You want your content to be aligned to your visitors, preferably in real time. But how do you do that when there is no Amazon on the facade of your building? Desiree will explain how the F.I.R.E. model will help you to successfully generate leads with personalization.


This talk is in Dutch

The future of video advertising

Omid Yazdanpanah (YouTube Product Lead Benelux)

An inspiration sesson about the new and future possiblities of online advertising on YouTube and video advertising in general.


This talk is in Dutch

Growth Hacking | Power Session

Sarah Bacom (International Growth Hacking Trainer | Growth Tribe Academy )

A brief but information-packed power session covering the process, mindset and tools that will help you on your journey towards a more consumercentric, experiment- and data-driven organization.


This talk is in English

A visual future

Stefan van Opstal (CCO at

Using appealing and inspiring examples from the largest platforms on earth and results from research, I will take you on a journey into the future of visual AI. This future is much closer than you think!



Stefan is CCO and co-owner of the high-tech SaaS software company, the market leader in the Benelux in the field of onsite search and merchandising, and partner of Bluebird Day. More than 40% of the top 200 e-commerce companies work with Tweakwise software. Before founding Tweakwise, Stefan gained many years of experience in the top of Dutch e-commerce, where he held various managerial positions at renowned companies such as Hans Anders, Sligro, Zoomin, Bijenkorf and Docdata.


This talk is in Dutch

Innovate or die

Samet Yilmaz (Innovator at Tminus10)

Industries are taken over by disruptive innovations. If you keep doing what you always did, you won’t make it. It’s essential for businesses to innovate. A lot of businesses either aren’t aware of this fact, don’t want to innovate or don’t know how to. Samet will help you recognize innovation shame and fear. And will introduce you to a framework to start innovating fast and efficient. This talk will help you learn how to experiment and fail fast.



With a knack for understanding new technologies, Samet has an obsession in making new technologies tangible and bringing them closer to clients. Samet has launched Tminus10 in 2019 to bridge the gap between generating new ideas and putting those ideas into production and helping businesses innovate faster.


This talk is in Dutch

What if: a glimpse into the future

Wim La Haye (Commercial Director Bluebird Day)



Wim La Haye is co-founder of Bluebird Day. As commercial director, Wim is responsible for commerce, marketing and strategy. In addition, Wim is chairman of the expert group Direct to Consumer from ShoppingTomorrow, the research platform of a passion for technology and business, Wim helps e-commerce organizations with solving innovative e-commerce issues.


This talk is in Dutch

Opening Handpicked festival

Nathan de Groot (Chairman of the day | Author 'De Speld')


This talk is in English

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